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CLA Charm love Art

Ocean Conservation by Charm Love Art

  Charmoné Botha, Time is Running Out (2018). Video still.

My research has uncovered the real, frightening consequences of ocean acidification. The Dead Sea has reached the zenith of ocean acidification and its consequences and I am to draw attention to this through my performance art. . I cover my body in coarse salt and washing powder, washing powder symbolises coral bleaching, a consequence of ocean acidification through industrial pollution. I use salt to emphasise ocean acidification because as a consequence of climate change, escalating temperatures and fossil fuel emissions, evaporating seawater, leaves a salt residue. I use my body to articulate my passion for the ocean and the imminent catastrophe that already impacts countless marine species. I pour salt and washing powder over my body, alluding to an hourglass. It references the continuous onslaught of pollution, the passage of time and the reality that we are running out of time to save our planet.